Dallas Wedding Photography – Yin & Vicky’s Wedding at Bolsa Mercado

We’ve had the honor to traveled to Dallas in late December of 2015 to photograph Yin and Vicky’s wedding.

It was a very nontraditional wedding — we’ve had a lot of fun shooting at one of Yin’s favorite local mountain bike trail called Harry Moss Park, where Yin rode mountain bike for the first time and fall in love with the sports. Apparently that’s where Yin took Vicky for her first ride too!

The wedding ceremony was held at a unique local venue in the eclectic, bohemian neighborhood of Oak Cliff, just outside of Dallas. In a restaurant cafe named Bolsa Mercado — a very relaxed atmosphere with friends and families gathered here from all over the world to attend this very special event.

A big congratulations to the lovely couple, and may you be happy ever after!

Dallas Wedding Photography

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