South Beach+ Vizcaya, the Classic Miami Bridal Photo Spots

At ZZfoto Photographers, we pride ourselves on our ability to create timeless and beautiful photos for our clients. Many of our clients come from around the world specifically for their bridal and engagement photos taken in Miami. And why wouldn’t they? Miami boasts stunning natural scenery and iconic architecture that provide the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories.

Our classic combo session of South Beach at dawn followed by Vizcaya is a customer favorite that never gets old. This dynamic duo of locations provides the perfect combination of beachy, tropical vibes and Old-World elegance. From the morning sun rising over the Atlantic to the sandy beach and film-worthy seaside mansion and gardens of Vizcaya, our classic combo captures the very essence of Miami’s unique beauty and architectural grandeur. This particular photo session, taken in March 2020, is just one example of the magic we can create in these iconic Miami locations.

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