Baby Olive’s 100-Day Photo Session – 3, in studio session

If you have seen our previous 2 blog posts, you know who baby Olive is. If you haven’t, click Part 1 and Part 2.

One thing we wanted to achieve but wasn’t quite successful during the on location photo session in Bill Baggs State Park was for Olive to lie down on her tummy for some typical textbook cute baby looks. We hope to accomplish this during the in-studio photo session in the more controlled environment with less noise and disturbance. We tried everything and it was still impossible for Olive to do so simply because she didn’t feel secure or comfortable with that pose. We decided that no baby should be forced to pose again their own will.

For one last try though, daddy told us that Olive actually liked to lie down on the tummy on him. So we fired up our camera and got some powerful shots…

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